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ComfortGeni specializes in residential fan products designed specifically to efficiently move air from room-to-room and level-to-level increasing the area your wood or pellet stove heats. ComfortGeni operates at a safe, low voltage and includes an automatic on/off temperature sensor for greater energy efficiency than standard fans. Easy installation for any DIY homeowner and simple setting adjustments, regardless of location, via remote control, provide unmatched convenience. The whisper quiet operation and neutral appearance allow the product to blend into any décor. Products are available throughout the US and Canada via a growing number of wholesale distributors and retailers.

Press Release

Comfort Geni 6xr is awarded the Vesta Award at the 2012 HPBExpo in Atlanta, GA.

The newly introduced Comfort Geni 6xr was awarded the 2012 Vesta award for the "Hearth Accessories" category.  Details, as well as other prize winners can be found on the Hearth & Home website.

Press Release

Comfort Geni boosts heat distribution from wood, pellet and gas appliances with new Geni 6xr room-to-room fan

Energy-efficient room-to-room fans make zone-heating appliances heat multiple rooms more effectively

(INDIANAPOLIS – February 1, 2012)- ComfortGeni, a provider of innovative, affordable and energy-efficient home comfort products, introduces the Geni 6xr room-to-room fan with remote control. This extremely quiet and powerful unit installs through the floor, wall, or ceiling and moves heated air to adjacent rooms that zone-heating with wood, pellet and gas appliances may currently not reach. The Geni 6xr can also be used to boost airflow from central heating and air conditioning ducts. The Geni 6xr can also effectively spread cool air from window air conditioners or split systems, as well as from other more conventional heating appliances.

By using a built-in temperature sensor, the Geni 6xr quietly delivers warm or cool air only when the source air is sufficient to affect the desired result. The Geni 6xr is perfect for any area of the home that is consistently too hot or too cold. In its role as a register booster fan, the Geni 6xr is easy to install in underperforming registers to boost their output. In its role as an air mover, the Geni 6xr may be installed in a wide variety of ways, utilizing the stud wall cavity as a passageway to move air up, down, room to room or level to level. Controlled by a three-speed fan setting, the Geni 6xr offers airflow rates up to 150 cubic feet per minute (CFM) but costs less than $5 per year to operate. The Geni 6xr is indeed whisper quiet; at only 32-35 dBA it’s no louder than a soft whisper.

"Let’s face it; most homes have uneven temperature levels. The Geni 6xr addresses several common issues. In addition to providing an extra boost to underperforming registers, it’s perfect for redistributing output from space heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces, split systems and window air conditioners," said Bernie Pierce, president of ComfortGeni. "With the remote control, the Geni 6xr can be positioned and controlled in almost any location."

The Geni 6xr is whisper-quiet with remote adjustable speed control. It uses long-life brushless direct current (D/C) fans, and can be controlled by a thermostat. When set to the desired temperature, the temperature probe automatically turns the fans on and off with the availability of appropriate temperature air.

Visit our website now at www.comfortgeni.com (MSRP $134.95, only at your local hearth retailer), The ComfortGeni model Geni 6xr is covered by a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Founded in 2004, the company provides affordable, high-quality and high-performance home comfort products that enhance indoor air quality and save energy and money. Comfort Geni products are available only through retail outlets.