Features of the ComfortGeniTM include:

  • Balances temperature from room to room and level to level
  • Distributes heat from any space heater to another room
  • Blends into any decor and fits flush to the floor, wall or ceiling
  • As a register booster fan, it improves room comfort, both heating and cooling, for just pennies a day
  • Has library-quiet DC fans
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Is an easy install for any DIY home owner

This unit has advanced features for comfort and convenience. ComfortGeniTM is one of the most advanced tools available for moving air within your home.

Additional features include:

  • DC Motors: which are much quieter, cost less to operate, and last longer than AC motors
  • Built-in temperature sensor-fan runs only when the source air helps to achieve the desired temperature
  • Automatic ON/OFF function for energy savings
  • FAN, HEAT, and COOL settings for use in all seasons
  • HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW speed settings


          Geni 4x Spec Sheet                                  Geni 6xr Spec Sheet